Xylazel Sol Lasur Water-Repellent

Xylazel Sol Lasur Water-Repellent
With protective film against the formation of fungi
Waterproof and breathable pearlescent effect: Improved water resistance
Outdoor durability
Application tools
Drying: approx. 1/2 h | Repainting: approx. 2 h
Yield (approx. per coat)

Acrylic water-based waterproof lasur. Forms a protective coating on the surface of wood with a water-repellent effect

Protects all kinds of outdoor woodworking woods, doors, windows, pergolas, porches, trusses, columns, furniture and any other wooden surface from the effects of ultraviolet radiation

  • With UV filters and HALS microcapsules
  • Provides wood with double protection against the elements at the same time as a decorative finish with seven mixable colour options
  • Water is repelled on the treated surface, leaving small pearl-shaped drops (pearl effect)
  • HALS type microcapsule additives and UV radiation absorbers prevent the formation of free radicals caused by ultraviolet radiation from the sun, lengthening the degradation process and maximising the protection of woods exposed to the elements
  • Colours
    • 630 Teak | 631 Pine | 632 Natural | 633 Wenge | 634 Green | 635 Grey | 636 Off White | Chestnut | Walnut | Oak
Content Containers per box Containers per pallet
750 ml 6 432
2,5 l 2 136