Xylazel Solutions Anti-Damp Paint

Xylazel Solutions Anti-Damp Paint
Indoor and outdoor
Water based
Tools: Roller, brush...
Coverage (approx. 8-10 m²/L per coat)
Cleaning: Water and soap
Drying: 2 hours | Recoating: 2-3 hours, depending on the environmental conditions

Water based paint Blocks damp stains and prevents saltpetre growth

Paint Recommended For walls with damp and saltpetre problems. Blocks damp stains and prevents saltpetre caused by the presence of humidity on the walls, and avoids salt efflorescence. Formulated with special acrylic resins that allows a good impregnation and adhesion to porous surfaces

  • Water based
  • Anti-saltpetre
  • Easy to apply
  • Low odour
  • Colour
    • White matt
Content Containers per box Containers per pallet
750 ml 6 432
4 l 2 96