Xylazel Solutions Mould Cleaner

Xylazel Solutions Mould Cleaner
Indoor and outdoor
Without rubbing

Removes quickly and without rubbing black stains caused by mildew in damp zones, also preventing them from reappearing

  • Easy application
  • No need to rub
  • Effective for black stains caused by mildew in damp zones
  • Prevents them from reappearing
  • Indoors - outdoors

Very effective for removing mildew stains in damp zones, such as bathrooms, kitchens, walls and terraces

  • Indoors: tile grouting, bath and sink overflows, tiles, screens, walls and ceilings
  • Outdoors: stone, brick, cement, walls, terraces, roofs and planters
Content Containers per box Containers per pallet
500 ml 12 468