Xylazel - Historia

Xylazel, S.A. was founded in 1975 after the merger of Zeltia(1) (holding company established in 1939) with the German company Desowag Bayer for the manufacture and marketing of wood protection and decoration products. This is how the company Xylazel came about.

Up until 1999, Xylazel maintained several alliances with different international companies, which is when Zeltia(1) purchased the entirety of its shares.


Xylazel - Empresa

Xylazel, S.A., a company in which the group PharmaMar has a 100% stake, is currently engaged in the manufacture and marketing of paints and varnishes, specialising in wood and metal protectors, that are aimed at the DIY, professional and industrial segments.

Asociación Española de Fabricantes de Pinturas y Tintas de Imprimir

Xylazel was the company that introduced the concept of wood protection to Spain. Xylazel is a leader in the DIY, professional and industrial sectors.

Xylazel, S.A. has responded to the challenge of belonging to a group whose mission is to research, develop and innovate by having respect for the environment occupy a vital place in the company’s mission.

Xylazel is a member of the National Association of Wood Protection Companies (Asociación Nacional de Empresas de Protección de la Madera).


R&D and Quality

XYLAZEL, S.A. has UNE-EN ISO 9001:2008 and UNE EN ISO 14001:04 certificates, their field of application being the manufacture, distribution and sale of chemical products for wood protection, paints, varnishes and similar products.

Consistent investment in research and development enables us to adapt to and stay ahead of market and legislative requirements.

At Xylazel, we believe it is essential to provide permanent added value to our products through R&D&i. We understand that this technological improvement translates into benefits for the customer. Our Research and Development Department works to this end and is forward thinking in how it projects Xylazel products.

ISO 9001 - ISO 14001Asociación de Investigación Técnica de las Industrias de la Madera



Cuidamos tu naturalezaAt Xylazel, environmental protection and respect is a basic guideline of our activity and of the products we develop and market: new aqueous-based formulations, periodical monitoring of atmospheric emissions generated, internal use of water with paint remains and its reuse for cleaning production equipment or the strict waste segregation and storage system turn our factory into a facility with zero environmental impact.

As a manufacturer of wood protection products, Xylazel is, in and of itself, responsible for the ecosystem, since protecting wood protects the forest.

Commitment and values

Compromiso y valoresCommitment to continuous improvement and excellence in all activities relating to marketing new technologies and solutions in influential sectors by introducing innovative, effective and safe products onto the market.

Quick and effective customer service by maintaining close cooperation with clients, providing them with technical advice and meeting all their specifications when it comes to supplying them with our products.

Listening to the customer and conducting satisfaction surveys and market studies enable us to satisfy their present and future needs at all times.

The ongoing training, motivation and involvement of all our personnel in corporate policy.

As a member of Grupo Zeltia(1), Xylazel’s greatest contribution to the company constitutes the search for new drugs to treat diseases such as cancer or glaucoma for which there is still no effective cure. We also actively collaborate on several activities to foster research and the diffusion of knowledge.

(1) In 2015, the reverse merger of Zeltia and Pharmamar took place, resulting in Grupo Pharmamar.