Latest products

Xylazel Solutions Anti-Damp Paint

Water based paint Blocks damp stains and prevents saltpetre growth

Xylazel Solutions Anti Condensation Paint

Water based paint that prevents condensation due to damp

Xylazel Master Multi-Surfaces
Outdoor and indoor paint

Special protective paint for façades

Water-based outdoor lasurs

Wood Stain and Sealer Water Based

Xylazel Marine Varnish
Water-based varnishes

Especially for marine environments

Xylazel Deco Lasur
Indoor furniture and wood decoration

Water-based lasur for indoor wood with silk matte finish

Xylazel Aire Sano Paint Suitable for Sanitary Environments
Indoor paint

Xylazel Healthy Air Paint Suitable for Sanitary Environments

Xylazel Aire Sano Paint Suitable for Children´s Environments
Indoor paint

This is an ecological water-based paint, in matte finish, especially for indoor walls and ceilings

Xylazel Solutions Mould Cleaner

Removes quickly and without rubbing black stains caused by mildew in damp zones, also preventing them from reappearing

Xylazel Aire Sano Healthy Homes
Indoor paint

Ecological water-based paint for indoor walls and ceilings that can also be applied onto other surfaces, such as wood or metal, with proper priming

Xylazel Sol Lasur Water-Repellent
Long lasting outdoor lasurs

Acrylic water-based waterproof lasur. Forms a protective coating on the surface of wood with a water-repellent effect